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A mix of sizes from 3/4" gravel up to four inches, this stone can be used as a mulch or ground cover and a rustic driveway or parking area. It also works well on slopes and in wash areas.

A pea sized version of river rock, this stone is great for pathways, ground cover, and makes a great mulch for small areas and in containers. The rocks are a mix of earth tones in color, with an overall brown appearance from a distance.

Our favorite decorative gravel, this smooth river stone is a blend of tans, grays, with highlights of blues, rusty reds, and dark browns. Works great as a mulch and ground cover, also used for walkways.

Mighty-Lite Lava Rock​
​​(No Longer Available)

This tumbled stone has smooth edges; not as rounded as river rock. It is made up of about 40% charcoal colored rock, mixed in with browns, tans, some white quartz, and a few ruby red garnet pieces for a punch of color. Great for water features, inside dry creek beds, mulch, pathways, and more. Available in a 1" and under gravel size.

White River Rock​
Appalachia Pea Gravel​
Mojave Gravel

From the mines of New Mexico, this lightweight decorative stone has a blend of red, burgundy, and charcoal colored pieces of pumice stone 1-2" in size. It only weighs about 1000 lbs per cubic yard, making it easy to haul. Wonderful as a mulch or ground cover, it retains moisture and keeps the soil and roots cool during the hot summer months.

Through years of experience and months of searching and travel, Bell Landscape Supply is proud to offer our current line-up ​of decorative stone gravels. No matter the color of your house, or style of landscaping, our variety of stone is sure to please the most discerning taste.

All stone gravels are priced and sold by the half cubic yard bucket.

Almost solid blue-gray in color, this small gravel contrasts well with a variety of materials, making for great visual impact. Blue Steel Slate is useful as a mulch, ground cover, walkway gravel, and a unique alternative for driveways and parking areas. Available today in a 1/2" size, pea gravel to boulders by special order.

Honeycutt (1 ton boxes only)

With an almost iridescent sheen, this naturally tumbled stone gravel looks great in river beds, mulch accents, and more. It's varying range of tans and browns makes dark green plants really stand out. Currently available only in a 2-3" size.

Autumn Haze (1 ton boxes only)​

Decorative Stone Gravel

Blue Steel Slate Gravel

One of the all-time most popular decorative stones. This product is often found bagged in big box stores for 2.5 times what you pay in bulk here at Bell Landscape Supply. White rock makes a great mulch and walkway material. Currently available in a 1" size, with more available through special order.

Appalachia River Rock 1-2"