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#78 Granite Pea Gravel

Large granite pieces, Class B, 6" to 18" size. Used for erosion control, bordering beds, and drainage ditches. Commonly used around culvert pipes.

ABC - Crush & Run

Granite Pea Gravel in a .25" to .5" size. Good for pathways, mixing into concrete, and footers for small retaining walls.

Granite Gravel in a 57 screen size, about 3/4" size pieces. Often used as top layer for driveways. Lays flat for gravel path or walkways. Standard size for retaining walls footers and back-fill. Can also be used for french drains.

Rock Dust

granite gravel

Granite screenings. Good paver and walkway base. Also a good joint for patios.

Granite Gravel #5 screen, about 1" to 1.5" size pieces. Good for topping off driveways. It's larger size doesn't push into the ground as easily. Also good for french drains.

#57  3/4" Granite Gravel 
#5  1-1.5" Granite Gravel

Aggregate Base Course, commonly crush and run. Used for a solid base for driveways, patios, and walkways. Mix of sizes from rock dust and gravels up to 2".

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Rip Rap Class B - 6-18"