A little story about quality...


It's about what's best for you...

While searching the area for suppliers of products to create our top quality line of mulches, one potential supplier was asked, "What type of mulch is this?". When he replied, "If the customer asks if it's hardwood mulch, then it's hardwood,
​if they ask if it's pine, then it's pine."

Not only were they instantly disqualified as a supplier, but a mission of Bell Landscape Supply was born....to provide homeowners and landscapers a product true to its name and define the different qualities each mulch holds for their use.

Long Leaf Pine Needles
​Great for most landscapes - no high wind areas or next to a pool

2472 Northside Dr. Statesville

​Espresso Hardwood - Shredded Pine
​Appalachia River Rock - Black, Brown, ​Red Deco Mulches

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