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landscape designs

Call us at 704-253-7010 to check availability and turnaround time. Be sure to plan ahead for spring and fall installation!

(704) 253-7010

David Walker draws our landscape designs and is also our nursery manager.

He knows a lot about the plants in our nursery and what plants would thrive in your landscape!

your local one-stop landscape shop

  1. Schedule a design consultation or bring photos and measurements to us.  A design consult at your home starts at $60.
  2. We'll design your landscape, usually in 2-3 weeks.  Then, come in to review your design and costs; we'll make any needed changes.
  3. If you purchase the plants from us, your design is free!
  4. Plan only, without plant purchase, is based on $50 per hour of design time. Purchase of plants or plan is required to get a copy of the plan.
  5. We'll be there to answer your questions if you want to install the design or we can recommend qualified landscapers for you.