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Below is a list of descriptions and photos of our current inventory. Stop in to get a first hand look,
​or give us a call at (704) 253-7010 to inquire about other mulches we may have available.

While searching the area for suppliers of products to create our top quality line of mulches, one potential supplier was asked, "What type of mulch is this?". When he replied, "If the customer asks if it's hardwood mulch, then it's hardwood,
​if they ask if it's pine, then it's pine."

Not only were they instantly disqualified as a supplier, but a mission of Bell Landscape Supply was born....to provide homeowners and landscapers a product true to its name and define the different qualities each mulch holds for their use.

A local favorite.  This bark mulch is from locally sourced pine trees, and breaks down slowly over time.  The main difference between pine bark mulch and XL Pine Nuggets is that this mulch contains nuggets that aren't as thick as the XL, with some bark strips included.  Costs less as well.

Our South Carolina long-leaf pine straw bales are part of what has made Bell Landscape Supply famous for our quality.  These pine needles are always the best available with the best red color.  We have worked with the same folks for our bales since we opened, and they know we'll only accept top tier products.


Local Pine Bark

These high quality mulches hold their color better than any other wood mulch product.  It consists of ground virgin wood shreds colored with high-quality, safe dye.  These products create the ultimate contrast in a landscape, and the color easily lasts for a year or more.

A traditional double-ground mulch, this mulch is good for most every application.  It has a medium texture with fines mixed in making it stick well on slopes as well as being an everyday mulch around shrubs and trees.

This wonderfully aromatic mulch is produced from grinding the logs of local cedar (juniperus virginiana) trees.  It is one of  the most long-lasting mulches we offer.  We love the smell of a fresh scoop of cedar, and best of all, most bugs don't.


Local Pine

Eastern NC Pine Bark

A beautiful selection, this all bark mulch is excellent for use around your home, especially in beds with borders.  It breaks down very slowly, and keeps its color well.  This mulch can easily last for two years and maintain an attractive appearance without being refreshed.

One of the most durable mulches, this product keeps its auburn color well, and its fine texture helps it spread easily. A less costly alternative to red dyed mulch, this wonderful mulch really stands out in the landscape, as seen in the larger picture above

mulch products

Another quality product, this pure pine mulch contains shredded pieces of the red-brown bark with just a little wood fiber mixed in to create a beautiful contrast, especially in beds that have lots of dark green evergreens.


A little story about quality...

Our finest, darkest mulch. This mulch spreads evenly and looks great when adding a light layer each year. Mostly made of hardwoods, and also commonly referred to as a triple ground mulch.