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Edge Pro Paver Edging

Sek surebond joint stablizing sealers

4' x 50'

6' x 150'


Sek surebond sb-15 rapid set adhesive

Curv-Rite Paver Restraints

hardscape accessories

Sek surebond cleaners

8' Sticks

Strata geo grid reinforement

We offer 2 Sizes, but additional sizes can be special ordered.

Spiral Spikes

7.5' Sticks

  • Faster Set Up – 70% Faster
  • Superior Strength Adhesion – 35% Stronger
  • Rigid & Durable Bond
  • Can Be Applied on Wet & Frozen Block
  • Moisture Resistant

polysweep polymeric sand - extra wide joint

Paver Restraints & Edging

Listed below are items we commonly keep in stock.

Other colors and products are available for special order.

Please call for availability.