Soil, Sand, and Gravel

TOPSOIL (sold by cubic yard)

Our blended topsoil is wonderful for vegetable gardens, landscape beds, and your lawn. It is a certified and tested blend of compost, mulch fines and pulverized dirt.

GARDEN BLEND (sold by cubic yard)

A fine soil great for vegetable gardens and amending any soil for planting. It has 50% more of the same quality organic matter as  our regular blend, with black or dark brown color.

SAND (sold by cubic yard)

Currently we stock mortar sand, white beach sand, and screened creek sand.

  • Mortar sand is a fine, consistent orange-brown sand for mixing with portland cement for stone or brick applications.
  • White beach sand is a pure white sand that stays cool in the heat. It's soft feel is great for bare feet.

STONE GRAVEL  (sold by cubic yard)

We have various sizes of local crushed gray granite for use on driveways, walkways, erosion control and drainage applications. For half ton and smaller trucks we recommend a trailer for more than a half yard (approx. 1300 lbs).

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