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Talk about color! The face of Carolina Rose has a beautiful mix of gray, tan, rusty red, pink, plum, and burgundy, often on one piece. This stone is the thinnest of veneer, which lends more square footage to veneer, and give a finer texture for stacked applications.

Carolina Rose​
Chocolate Gray​
Mossy Creek Fieldstone ​(currently unavailable)
Mountain Brown​

From the dark depths of the mines comes this stone with plenty of character. An overall dark blue-gray appearance with contrasting rust and brown colors throughout. It is the most dense of the veneer stone we carry.

Midnight Blue​

The all-time most popular veneer stone from NC...and deservedly so. This stone has a wide range of gray and brown colors mottled throughout, single-handedly matching any color you can throw at it.

Exclusive to Bell Landscape Supply, this hard sandstone has a rippled texture with swirls of color throughout, reminding us of an impressionist painting.  The overall color is tan, with varying shades of brown, rusty oranges and reds, as well as black mottled on the face of the stone.  You won't find color and texture like this anywhere else.

Our line up of hand-split natural thin veneer is sure to complement any color scheme. Thin veneer is 1-2" thick, and has a face range of 4-18".  It is used for facing the foundation or exterior walls of a home, and in landscaping most often used for dry-stack garden walls. Other applications include fire pits, landscaping borders, walkways, small patios, and can be used as a unique groundcover. Our thin veneer
​is stacked in one ton baskets for easy transport, and can also be purchased in half-ton quantities.​

Monet Blue​

The high iron content of this stone as well as the consistency in thickness makes it a great choice for stacked stone walls, without the need to mix in a second color. Also works great as a rustic veneer.

A blue-gray cousin to Monet Brown, this stone also has a unique rippled texture with swirls of rust and browns on the face of some of the stones.  It makes a wonderful contrast against dark green grass.

Monet Brown​

A wonderfully rustic stone, Mtn. brown tends to have a rougher surface than most other veneer. Though similar to other stones with high-iron content, the gray in this stone is darker than others, with streaks of brown throughout.

Weathered by mother nature, this relatively flat stone has an overall gray appearance with highlights of cranberry red, purple, tans, and black swirled throughout.  This hard sandstone was harvested above ground from the mountains of Virginia.  Some pieces have moss and/or lichen growing on the stone.